Voice Commerce’s Cashflows Provides Consolidated Payment Services

Voice Commerce, a financial services group, has launched Cashflows, a consolidated suite of payment services for businesses. The launch of Cashflows reflects the Voice Commerce’s expansion from the provision of payments processing to meeting the broader financial requirements of its growing business customer base offering a range of services to businesses, and provides an integrated mobile payment capability.

Cashflows is designed to help businesses manage and maximise their cash flow, by bringing together multiple payment channels, including retail, online and mobile, and delivering it from a single Cashflows Business Account. The initial suite of services, which includes merchant accounting, m-commerce, e-invoicing and billing and mobile e-money, enables businesses to accept any type of payment and tap into the fast growing mobile market to provide a superior service to their customer base and achieve greater competitive advantage. The Cashflows Business Account includes VoicePay, a payment system that permits the verification and authorisation of financial transactions via mobile phone using a unique pre-stored biometric voice signature.

Nick Ogden, chief executive officer (CEO) of Voice Commerce, said: “In today’s fast moving and increasingly mobile environment, businesses need to be able to offer their customers a choice of payment methods. With 70% of the global population owning a mobile phone, the m-commerce market is rapidly growing and in the coming years we expect to see it outpace e-commerce.”


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