Kazkommertsbank Selects Misys for Mobile Banking

Kazkommertsbank, the largest bank in Kazakhstan and one of the largest private banks in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), has selected Misys Mobile to create a next-generation mobile banking service for its retail and corporate customers.

Kazkommertsbank will use Misys Mobile to deliver mobile banking services via a broad range of channels, including smart phone apps, SMS/messaging and mobile web browsers. Customers will be able to select any of these ways of interacting with the bank, depending on what suits them best. They can also set up a range of SMS or messaging alerts to help them manage their money and protect their accounts from fraud more effectively. What makes this solution different is that Kazkommertsbank customers can now engage in SMS or other ways of conversation with their bank, rather than being limited to receiving one-way alerts.

“In choosing Misys Mobile, we have selected a solution that we believe will keep us at the cutting edge of customer service, bringing us even closer to our customers. We want our customers to have the best banking experience whether through the most sophisticated smart phone app or two-way SMS interaction,” said Ermek Shamuratov, Kazkommertsbank’s managing director.


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