JP Morgan Launches New Liquidity Platform

JP Morgan Treasury Services has launched its new liquidity management platform. The platform, which delivers enhanced liquidity capabilities globally, and includes the development of a new client-facing liquidity portal, is now live in key locations throughout Asia and has begun deployment in Europe.

Through the liquidity portal, JP Morgan ACCESS Liquidity Solutions, clients will be able to view JP Morgan global cash and investment balance information by legal entity, country and currency globally in real time, as well as balances at third-party banks. Roll-out of these new capabilities will continue throughout 2011 in the US, Canada, Europe and Latin America, as well as additional locations in Asia.

“The financial crisis put a spotlight on the treasurer’s need for visibility and control of global liquidity,” said Randy White, head of JP Morgan’s liquidity management business. “We’ve made a significant investment in developing a single global platform that delivers the real-time information clients need to make effective liquidity and investment decisions, and the tools to put those decisions into action.”


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