JayHawk Energy Hires Kelly Stopher as CFO

JayHawk Energy, a managed risk, oil and gas exploration/exploitation, development and production company, has hired Kelly Stopher as chief financial officer (CFO). Stopher brings a wealth of experience supporting financial operations for leading Fortune 500 companies and national organisations. With over 20 years experience, he has the acumen and leadership to assist the company as it expands its presence in the oil and gas industry and enters a new phase of growth.

Stopher has developed strategies to implement financial management systems, internal control policies and procedures, and financial reporting and modelling for small-cap companies. He has extensive experience in preparation of all financial reports including income statements, balance sheets, reports to shareholders, tax returns and compliance issues/filings as they relate to government regulatory agencies. His particular expertise is analysing company operations to pinpoint opportunities in areas that need reorganisation, downsizing or streamlining. Stopher is also proficient at negotiations and establishing financial structures for potential financings.


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