Inetco Joins Advanced Message Queuing Protocol Working Group

Inetco Systems, a provider of business transaction management solutions for the financial services industry, has joined the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) Working Group.

Backed by more than 20 financial service institutions and vendors, the AMQP Working Group was formed to drive the development of a vendor neutral, platform agnostic message protocol that will lower the costs associated with middleware software integrations through interoperable business messaging.

“AMQP is an important standard for Inetco’s financial services customers as it provides them a vendor independent transport on which to do transaction messaging,” said Angus Telfer, chief technology officer (CTO) of Inetco. “As well, it is an ideal protocol for passing real time data around in cloud environments. For this reason, we are also using it for communications between the different components of our Inetco Insight product.”


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