Earthport Launches epDirect for Online Access to its Payments Service

Earthport, a provider of cross-border electronic payment (epayment) services, has launched epDirect for online access to its payments services. epDirect provides an easy to use interface enabling payments to be made to more than 200 countries in the world for a flat per-transaction fee. These transactions are facilitated through Earthport’s epClearing infrastructure.

epDirect extends Earthport’s payments services through the addition of browser-based access, providing an out-of-the-box solution. New users are guided through the simplified onboarding process, transaction input and other steps by interactive videos, so that live processing can begin quickly and with the minimum of effort. epDirect is simple and intuitive, and requires no technical integration.

epDirect is suited to serve small to medium-sized businesses, whose cross-border transfers tend to be of lower value, and for which other payments services are often not cost effective or suitable. epDirect operates through bank accounts and to banking standards and therefore helps to grow the market for bank-based epayments.

Sign up fees will be waived for companies adopting epDirect before the end of October 2010.


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