Domino’s Pizza Chooses ACI Worldwide for Centralised Payment Processing

Domino’s Pizza has partnered with ACI Worldwide to consolidate payments processing, add more features and improve personalisation for customers ordering online. The new system enables Domino’s to accept new payment types in the future, and will be available across all locations.

Domino’s Pizza selected ACI Worldwide to help manage the costs of accepting payments. Domino’s was also looking for more than just a software provider – it was looking for a well established brand to support the company’s commitment to investing in the latest technology for current and future opportunities. Additionally, ACI’s offering met Domino’s stringent demands for customer data security.

“The cost to process electronic payments, such as card transactions, is significantly higher than other forms of payment. As our customers increasingly turn to cards rather than cash, we knew we needed to have as much control as possible on our transaction processing,” said Christopher McGlothlin, chief information officer (CIO) at Domino’s Pizza. “We also need to ensure we provide our franchisees with the most secure, efficient and innovative platform, at the lowest cost, and we are confident ACI Worldwide will deliver that for us.”


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