Visa Business Network Upgraded

Visa has enhanced the Visa Business Network, an online community that helps small business owners manage their businesses more efficiently, connect with and gain insight from peers, and ultimately grow their business. Now, small business owners can easily interact with peers in a collaborative way allowing them to get personalised help on goals ranging from growing their customer base to managing their business.

Recognising the important role that social media plays in small business today, Visa has upgraded the Visa Business Network, which currently has more than 100,000 active members, to include new features that help them connect, learn and grow, including:

  • Business goal toolkits: step-by-step ‘how to’ guides that lead small business owners through the process of setting and achieving business goals. The interactive toolkits correlate with goals which small business owners have identified as being the most relevant to the challenges they face in growing their business – from best practices for promoting their business on Facebook and other social networks, to developing and delivering email newsletters to reach new and existing customers.
  • Small business mentor programme: small businesses get personalised help and guidance from other successful small business owners. Having faced similar business challenges, these seasoned mentors offer advice and perspective to help Visa Business Network participants achieve their goals.
  • Question and answer forum: members are able to collaborate by asking questions related to their goals and receive personalised advice and responses from small business peers and mentors with experience across a wide range of industries.
  • Content ranking: this feature provides small businesses with quick access to the resources and articles fellow small business owners have declared most useful.

“Visa enables small business owners to pursue their passions by providing payment products and tools to help them succeed,” said Raghav Lal, head of global small business, Visa. “The Visa Business Network extends our commitment to supporting small businesses by offering unique networking capabilities that help them grow their business, and access the resources to manage it more effectively. From step-by-step guidance on common business practices, to providing access to other small businesses that have overcome similar challenges – this site delivers a wealth of practical tools that support small business.”


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