Sybase Releases New Version of mBanking 365

Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, has expanded its mobile commerce offering with version 3.0 of Sybase mBanking 365, a mobile banking (mbanking) platform. The new version enhances functionalities and simplifies the deployment process, enabling financial institutions to more quickly create a richer mbanking experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Sybase 365 is providing an mbanking iPhone application for corporate banking-specific treasury management, in addition to iPhone support for consumer retail banking. Sybase mBanking 365 3.0 includes device detection and rendering logic to present optimised mobile web pages for simple screen devices, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and many other smart devices.

“The scope of mobile banking services and a well developed growth strategy is a key indicator of long-range leadership potential,” said Howard Wilcox, senior analyst of Juniper Research. “Research in our recent report revealed banks across the world are exploiting the mobile channel not only to deliver more sophisticated features, options and flexibility that customers demand, but also to improve customer service. Robust platforms, such as Sybase mBanking 365, provide the level of customer experience that constitutes a competitive advantage, which in turn will propel the mobile commerce market.”


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