Groupama Asset Management Reconciles Positions with Sterci

Groupama Asset Management (AM) went live with Sterci’s Stematch solution for the cash and securities reconciliation last month.

Asset managers are using several applications in their transaction processing front-middle-back chain. In order to ensure the consistency of their information system and be sure that all operations are booked properly in the various systems, they must implement some matching points. Sterci says that Stematch is the most appropriate tool to reduce operational risks reconciling internal positions between the different in-house applications, as well as the external holdings from custodians and/or prime brokers.

Thierry Dubernay, Groupama Asset Management chief technology officer (CTO), said: “Groupama AM has selected Stematch from Sterci after the run of an RFP process. The solution was selected mainly for its extended functionalities (such as dashboard, exception management, risk management, workflows), its capacity to process large volumes of data, and its user friendliness.”


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