ecofinance Releases New Version of ITS

The new release 9.1.0 of ITS from ecofinance promises support for obtaining ratings and procuring credit facilities by providing improved cost control in intercompany settlements and a number of improvements in liquidity and risk management. A mobile application that is now available for iPhone brings additional benefits.

Effective immediately, complex corporate participations (both direct and indirect) can be mapped and displayed more precisely. The group-wide portfolios are clearly organised and analysed according to the individual corporate structure. In addition, the current version of ITS 9.1.0 provides intercompany quotations, namely the definition of individual margins for forward points (swap rates) for all counterparties, directly on the internal trading platform. On the basis of market data and the entered quotations, exchange rates and interest rates are automatically calculated for the internal trading platform.

Until now, ITS has been offering tools for simulations, scenario analyses, limits administration and risk management. The new release is making an additional module available: FX Exposure Management. This module makes a well-ordered input and presentation of FX exposures possible for each group company, as well as the calculation of the group-wide FX exposure.

ecofinance has also supplemented its ITS system with project-oriented liquidity planning. According to the company-specific organisational structure, liquidity plans can be created, administered and consolidated in multiple stages for projects, either on a cross-company basis or for individual group companies. A simple drill-down functionality makes it possible for the user to switch from group-wide planning directly to individual plan positions. The possibility also exists for automatically importing plan positions and, in the event of deviations in the project progress, for applying manual changes. Subsequently, the system will automatically synchronise dispositions in the background and assign cash flows to the corresponding accounts.

In additiona, ecofinance has developed an iPhone App in co-operation with EasyMOBIZ, which currently makes the ‘monitor’ and ‘report inbox’ functionality available.


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