Evention Expands Hotel Software Suite with Cash Management Product

Evention has released two hotel software products, Evention Secure Drop and Evention Shuffler. Both products expand the Evention suite by adding capabilities for cash and dueback management, as well as banquet labour forecasting and scheduling.

Evention Secure Drop tracks employee drops, duebacks, banks, and the audit of the cash clearing against point-of-sale (POS) systems. It replaces paper deposit logs, hand-written cash drop envelopes, and manually managing the audits, over/shorts, and duebacks. Hotels can view cash drops and duebacks immediately from the point of the drop through the posting to the general ledger. Evention Secure Drop takes brings cash management, a time-consuming, paper-intensive process, into an electronically automated web application.

Evention Shuffler expands the time and cost saving abilities of Evention’s gratuity and wage application by allowing for events and employees to be scheduled automatically even in complex scheduling environments such as rotations or seniority based schedules. Evention’s interface allows for employee swaps, creation of weekly/daily schedules, and accurate forecasts. In addition, once the schedule has been set, no additional work is necessary to process the wages and gratuities since the employees are already in the Evention system.

“Evention clients have come to expect game-changing solutions that transform the way hospitality companies manage their business,” said Mike Baldinger, managing partner with Evention. “Evention prides itself on listening to our customers to leverage our ability to automate processes that have always been managed manually.”


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