Capital Bank of Jordan Selects EastNets AML Solutions

Capital Bank of Jordan has chosen EastNets, a provider of global compliance and payment solutions and services, to provide watchlist filtering (en.SafeWatch Filtering) and anti-money laundering (AML) control solutions (en.SafeWatch Profiling).

Under the terms of the agreement, EastNets will commence implementation immediately, including en.SafeWatch Filtering – which provides real-time blocking, supports all lists including US Office of Foreign Assets and Control (OFAC) and PEP, provides NACHA IAT screening support, and is SWIFT-certified.

Haytham Kamhiyah, general manager, Capital Bank, said: “We decided to develop our current systems by adopting a new solution which is able to keep pace with developments taking place in the area of compliance, and is in line with the requirements of the Monetary Authority, while complementing the relationship between the banks internally and externally. This move is in line with the efforts of the financial and banking sectors, and is in tune with the developments in the banking industry and global taxonomy standards, which are associated with the provision of preventive measures. We are confident that the excellent track record of EastNets and its expertise in the field of anti-money laundering solutions will enable us to meet the needs in this area in order to protect our customers and the economy as a whole.”


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