FRSGlobal Adds In-built Dashboards to Product Suite

FRSGlobal has announced it will be providing in-built dashboards to graphically represent results calculated by its solutions. This is the first in a line of new dashboarding functionality that the company is introducing within its product set, with later releases due out in 3Q10 and a dashboard in collaboration with IBM, Cognos.

This new offering is based on white box technology, which means that although it is in-built, it is still easily configurable by any institution to meet their specific requirements. The company says that users will benefit from its business expertise in risk management and risk models as well as the ‘out-of-the-box’, pre-defined dashboards that are rich in content to meet real business demands.

Kieran Leahy, vice president product management, FRSGlobal, said: “Effective operational dashboards provide the ability to view information from many sources at the same time in a quick, easy-to-read way. Representing such vital data as liquidity and ALM [asset liability management] positions in a graphical way will save CFOs valuable time and energy trawling through reams of spreadsheets or text-based reports and the drill-up/down functionality will help them pinpoint key areas of concern at the push of a button. We are very excited to launch the fist in our line of new advanced analytics and look forward to launching the others in over the next 12 months.”


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