JP Morgan Asset Management Launches 12th Global Cash Management Survey

JP Morgan Asset Management has launched the 2010 Global Cash Management Survey, supported by the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT). The survey has provided a benchmark for corporate treasurers since its launch in 1999 and seeks to consolidate the thoughts of some of the world’s leading treasurers and corporate cash managers.

The survey represents a barometer of cash management trends around the world. The quality of the survey’s data and its long track record allows comparisons to be made and long-term trends to be identified.

The survey will be conducted between 1 July to 30 September 2010, with the full results available early in 2011. However, for the first time this year, all participants in the survey will receive preliminary results, broken down by their particular industry. These preliminary results are expected to be available in November 2010.

Robert Deutsch, head of global liquidity at JP Morgan Asset Management, said: “The annual surveys have been incredibly well received year-on-year and the fact we’re now in our 12th year is testament to the quality of the report and its favourable reception throughout the industry. This year’s survey aims to build on the successful formula of the past to provide further in-depth analysis into treasury cash management. It includes a broad overview of the challenges faced by treasurers in today’s volatile markets, along with detailed insights into the key drivers of change and innovation. I would urge all treasurers and cash managers to participate and make their voices heard in what has now become one of the most comprehensive and respected surveys relevant to their businesses.”


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