IT2 Launches Fully-integrated Bank Account Administration

IT2 Treasury Solutions, a provider of treasury management software solutions to corporate treasuries and financial institutions, has released the feature pack for version 7.0. The feature pack has been delivered on schedule, and includes all its pre-announced components.

The pack offers a rich set of new integral elements for the IT2 treasury management system (TMS), including the first internally-integrated bank account administration solution, with full electronic bank account management (eBAM) facilities.

Paul Higdon, chief technology officer (CTO) at IT2, said: “Integrated bank account administration provides the last major piece of the puzzle in the provision of a secure and dependable route to enterprise-wide visibility of cash. It also significantly enhances financial risk management, by providing corporate treasuries with efficient, controlled and up to date visibility of global bank exposures. IT2 offers this powerful solution since its single central database is updated in real time with all relevant bank account information, facilitating central visibility of an organisation’s key resource – cash.”


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