Investors Continue to Have Confidence In Emerging Markets

Investors remain confident in the performance of emerging markets for the remainder of 2010, according to recent research from Barclays Stockbrokers. The research found that half of investors (50%) believe that emerging markets will deliver the best returns on their investments for the rest of this year. Investors have consistently backed emerging markets this year; a poll in January 2010 revealed that 58% favoured emerging markets.

The recent poll also found that almost a third of investors (31%) think the UK is best-placed to deliver positive returns, with 14% favouring the US. Of those surveyed, 5% believe that Europe will be the highest performer for the rest of the year.

Barbara-Ann King, Head of Investments at Barclays Stockbrokers, said: “Investors have consistently demonstrated confidence in emerging markets this year and we expect this to continue into the second half of 2010. Investors do not seem to be deterred by volatility and continue to look far and wide in order to achieve their desired investment goals.”


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