MasterCard Launches Online Bill Pay Service for Prepaid Programmes

MasterCard Worldwide has launched a new bill pay service for MasterCard prepaid card issuers and programme managers, and their cardholders. This new service leverages the capabilities of payment platform and services provider Aliaswire, combined with the bill payment solutions of MasterCard RPPS, to offer MasterCard prepaid partners a bill payment service that integrates easily with their prepaid card programme, and enables MasterCard prepaid cardholders to conveniently pay bills online or via telephone.

Through MasterCard Online Bill Pay, MasterCard prepaid cardholders can schedule and make bill payments to anyone directly through their provider’s cardholder website. For added convenience, payments can also be made via telephone, in English or Spanish. To help manage and track bill payments, cardholders can view payments once posted and set reminders for upcoming due dates to help avoid late payments.

“The process of paying bills just got a lot more convenient for prepaid MasterCard cardholders who now will have access to a simple, easy to use bill payment service,” said Laura Kelly, senior vice president, global prepaid and debit product solutions, MasterCard Worldwide. “By integrating the strength of our existing prepaid offering and the bill payment resources and expertise of MasterCard RPPS with the valuable payment functionalities from Aliaswire, we are delivering an advanced bill pay solution that supports our commitment to provide our prepaid partners with innovative and effective ways to deliver value to cardholders and help ensure profitable long-term customer relationships.”


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