ProcServe Launches Out-of-the-box eProcurement System

ProcServe, a provider of collaborative procurement and electronic trading solutions, has launched a new easy-to-use, quick and simple to implement, electronic procurement (eprocurement) solution, Otis. Otis simplifies electronic trading between buyers and suppliers.

Otis provides immediate access to eprocurement without system integration costs, time delays and additional IT infrastructure investment. The solution’s easy-to-use interface allows organisations of every size to buy what they need online and electronically manage the procurement process with their suppliers in a safe and secure environment.

Otis comes pre-connected to the ProcServe Trading Network which means organisations can easily access the rich catalogue content and trade electronically with suppliers on the network. These catalogues range from basic commodities to complex products and services, and are maintained by suppliers.

“We are really excited about Otis as it offers a low cost and immediate way for organisations to get going with eprocurement. In these uncertain times, affordability and speed are essential for organisations using innovative solutions to give them a competitive edge and improve the way they do business with suppliers and customers. By reducing the effort to adoption, we can easily extend the reach of companies who need to trade electronically – through our network,” said Veera Johnson, chief executive officer (CEO) of ProcServe.


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