Sterci’s Stematch Wins SWIFT Ready Reconciliation 2010

Sterci, an international software provider of service oriented architecture (SOA) solutions for straight-through processing (STP), has announced that SWIFT has renewed Stematch with the highest award label for reconciliation for the seventh consecutive year.

The SWIFT Ready Reconciliation Label is granted to applications that help to streamline middle and back-office operations in relation to the matching and reconciliation of large volumes of data related to trade in securities and payments. The application must adhere to a specific set of criteria linked to the support of SWIFT standards and the annual SWIFT Release evolution SR 2010.

Stematch enterprise-wide reconciliation solutions cover not only the cash, treasury and securities positions reconciliation, but also a generic and transaction matching facility open to SWIFT and non-SWIFT standards. It provides a very powerful embedded investigation module for exception management that aims to improve efficiency, and reduction of risks.

Etienne Savatier, associate director at Sterci, said: “We are proud to be one of the first vendors to renew the SWIFT 2010 label. As a leader in MT-MX migration, we are now integrating new XML based account reporting for reconciliation.”


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