Weiland Financial and Proformative Partner to Expand Online Treasury Expertise

The Weiland Financial Group (WFG) has partnered with Proformative to further extend its treasury expertise into the online world. Proformative, a free, online resource for corporate finance, accounting, and treasury practitioners, will host a mini-site for WFG where the company’s thought leaders can share white papers, resources, and advice with the online treasury community. Additionally, WFG will be the site’s resident expert on account analysis, bank account management, and a host of other topics that Proformative members can directly ask WFG’s experts about either publicly or privately.

Dan Gill, director of WFG’s corporate products, said: “The sky has been falling for quite some time now in the treasury world. Treasurers have seen their bank fees soar and many don’t know what to do about it. By making myself available on Proformative, I hope to help treasurers in need, increase understanding about bank fee analysis, and maybe even facilitate more productive bank-customer relationships among Proformative members.”


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