Omer Telecom-Virgin Mobile Signs Atos Origin for Client Billing System

Omer Telecom-Virgin Mobile, the fourth French mobile operator, has signed an agreement with Atos Origin, an international IT services company, to develop a new billing system, based on the ZSmart solution from ZTEsoft.

“Our ambition is within 20 months to move from the classical MVNO [mobile virtual network operator (MVNO)] model to become an unbundled mobile operator. This model means more independence and new business opportunities. We are investing millions of euros to integrate part of the network. These investments will enable us to reduce our costs and better control the quality of services delivered to our customers,” said Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, chief executive officer (CEO) of Virgin Mobile France.

Atos Origin’s solution is based on ZSmart ,which completely fulfils Virgin Mobile and Omer Telecom’s functional and technical needs.

“Our knowledge of the mobile telecom sector, together with our strong track record in delivering billing solutions and our thorough understanding of the business needs of Omer Telecom-Virgin Mobile business needs, is why we were selected for this billing transformation. Thanks to ZSmart, we have been able to propose a very innovative and flexible solution that will provide competitive advantage for Omer Telecom-Virgin Mobile,” said Thierry Mileo, vice president telecom market of Atos Origin France.


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