Tsys and Serverside Group Partner on Digital Card Solution

Tsys has partnered with Serverside Group to launch Tsys Card Shop, a digital card fulfilment and marketing solution that combines ‘on-demand’ manufacturing processes with card management and customisation capabilities.

By enabling client financial institutions to design and manufacture cards on-demand, Tsys Card Shop removes the need to stock pre-manufactured cards in inventory – a requirement that increases risk, ties up capital and increases over-production, transportation, storage and inventory management costs. Through Tsys Card Shop, payments cards are only created when cardholders request them, regardless of batch size.

“Tsys Card Shop’s on-demand fulfilment capabilities, combined with its digital card management and design services, open up a whole range of operational efficiencies and new marketing opportunities for issuers,” said Rick St John, group executive for output services, Tsys. “Working with Serverside has enabled us to build a solution where even one card created for one consumer can be profitable.”


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