The Logic Group Authorised to Investigate Credit Card Breaches

Security, fraud and risk management specialist The Logic Group has gained approval to practice as a qualified forensics investigator (QFI) and can now conduct forensic investigations for merchants that have experienced, or are suspected of, a credit card or data breach anywhere in Europe.

To achieve QFI status, The Logic Group required approval by the two major card schemes Visa and MasterCard. Approval followed a rigorous vetting process conducted independently over a period of several months. The forensics team at The Logic Group have already worked with the Forensics Science Service (FSS) and the police to support investigations of credit and debit card fraud.

Neil O’Neil, principal digital forensics investigator at The Logic Group, said: “Achieving QFI status represents a natural progression from our work in helping merchants to adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Although incidents of fraud are less frequently publicised in the UK than they are in the US, the unfortunate reality is that despite the industry’s continued efforts the threat of fraud remains ever-present. Digital forensics investigation has an essential role to play in reducing incidents of fraud by firstly identifying the source of the breach so that security can be improved but also by providing forensic evidence to help the authorities in their efforts to apprehend and in turn prosecute fraudsters.”

The Logic Group has a dedicated forensics laboratory, used for analysing digital evidence and disk images, together with a mobile forensics lab – which allows the digital forensics team to extract data in situ, for example where forensic analysis is required on live servers. Numerous digital forensic services are now offered, all on a 24/7 basis.


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