Voice Commerce and Nuance Communications Partner on UK Trust Centre

Voice Commerce, a financial services group, has opened its UK VoiceTransact Trust Centre, a platform using Nuance Voice Authentication technology that authenticates and verifies any type of commercial transaction that a UK business requires to complete with its customers. Using voice signatures, which are enabled over mobile phone, the UK Trust Centre marks an advance toward easy, cost effective adoption of voice signatures by any size or type of business within the UK.

The VoiceTransact Trust Centres store voice signatures that enable an individual’s identity to be validated and authenticated in real-time, using any type of mobile device. These complex voice signatures combine an individual’s voice biometrics with their transactional history, trends and location patterns to create a highly secure authorisation environment.

Nick Ogden, chief executive officer (CEO) of the Voice Commerce Group, said: “The development and opening of our UK Trust centre is timely as identity security becomes ever more important. With identity theft up 20% in 2009 businesses are urgently looking for convenient and safer ways to authorise, verify and protect their customers.

“The opening of the UK VoiceTransact Trust Centre to all UK businesses is a significant step as we start to roll out a number of Trust Centres across the globe through our existing 51 country network. The Trust Centre will provide businesses with the capability to offer authentication and verification services across a wide spectrum of sectors, including healthcare, aviation and financial services, which has historically been a significant challenge for businesses,” he added.


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