Nacha Partners with The Clearing House to Bring EBIDS to Market

Nacha, the electronic payments association, is partnering with The Clearing House to bring the electronic billing information delivery service (EBIDS), an Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network bill presentment and payment solution, to market. EBIDS has been a Nacha pilot programme since 2008, operated by the Federal Reserve Banks.

EBIDS expands the capabilities of the ACH by enabling businesses to use its efficient, reliable infrastructure to deliver electronic bills (e-bills) to consumer online banking accounts. Specifically, EBIDS extends the e-bill distribution model by incorporating a distinctive, centralised biller directory and providing:

  • Ubiquitous connections to financial institutions through the ACH Network.
  • Efficient standardisation for electronic bill presentment via Nacha rules oversight.
  • Security features provided by financial institutions’ online banking processes.

“EBIDS is a unique offering that leverages the strengths of the ACH Network – ubiquity, efficiency, and the ability to carry information in addition to payment,” said Janet Estep, Nacha’s president and chief executive officer (CEO). “As EBIDS transitions into production, the partnership with The Clearing House will enable financial institutions nationwide to offer electronic bill presentment to their customers.”


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