Accuity Goes Live with Daily Updates to its Global Payment File

Accuity, a provider of global payment routing data, anti-money laundering (AML) screening software and services, now provides daily updates to its Global Payment File-Plus (GPF-Plus). Users will be able to access the most current information in order to reduce the amount of time spent researching and correcting information necessary for creating domestic and cross-border payment messages.

Accuity’s GPF-Plus provides a ‘golden copy’ of payment data, providing essential and readily accessible payment information with precise and comprehensive data for all bank offices worldwide. The information contained in GPF-Plus is highly detailed – in addition to accessing complete information on contacts, correspondents/SSIs, national bank codes, SWIFT/bank identifier codes (BICs), clearing systems and more users are able to determine specific SWIFT/BICs used for SSIs as well as identify subcategories regarding the usage of specific SSIs (commercial payments, trade finance, foreign exchange, etc.).

“There is an incredible volume of changes constantly being made to bank and payments data,” said Bob McKay, Accuity’s managing director of business development. “Accuity recognises that in order for organisations to maximise payment STP [straight-through processing] rates, daily updates to this information are crucial. With over 250 file updates per year – one provided each business day, GPF-Plus allows customers to access the most up-to-date information available.”


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