Travelex Uses Inetco Insight Business Transaction Management Software

Travelex has purchased Inetco Insight to reduce payment settlement uncertainty and operational risk in its expanding payment processing environment.

Recently Travelex has added a number of new services, such as the Travelex Visa Money Transfer service launched in Australia in February 2010. This service uses Visa’s global network, which connects more that 1.7 billion cards, and provides a convenient, cost-effective and secure way for consumers to send funds directly to recipients’ Visa cards, both domestically and internationally. Using Inetco Insight, Travelex can:

  • Proactively manage their growing payment processing environment.
  • Meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and industry security regulations around full data encryption.
  • Establish realistic service level agreements (SLAs) with client banks and large merchant customers.

“Every time a call goes through to our helpdesk, we pay for it in resources and potential service level violations,” said Mark Wingrave, head of direct currency conversion product development at Travelex. “Inetco Insight enables our IT and applications support teams to conduct inquiries into transaction history, identify anomalies, and proactively resolve issues first hand, resulting in significantly quicker resolution times and a decreased number of customer complaint calls into the operations centre.”


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