NACHA Issues Lists of Top 50 ACH-originating and Receiving FIs

NACHA, the electronic payments association, has issued its list of the top 50 originating and receiving financial institutions of automated clearing house (ACH) payments for 2009. The NACHA top 50 originating financial institutions accounted for 88.3% of the total ACH transaction volume and 95.9% of the commercial (non-federal government) ACH transaction volume in 2009. Those in the top 50 on the receiving side accounted for 55.6% of the total ACH transaction volume in 2009.

“Across the board, financial institutions choose ACH transactions for their efficiency, ubiquity, security, and ability to deliver payments plus information,” said Janet Estep, president and chief executive officer of NACHA. “All ACH originators and receivers recognise the value inherent to the flow of payments and information on the ACH Network.”

The NACHA top 50 originating financial institutions yielded 13.54 billion transactions in 2009. The top five originating institutions made up 61.9% of the ACH transaction volume, up slightly from 61.6% in 2008. The top ten originating institutions accounted for 73.5% of the total ACH transaction volume, reflecting figures similar to those of 2008.

On the receiving side, the financial institutions in NACHA’s top 50 accounted for 8.53 billion transactions in 2009, consistent with 2008 numbers. The top five receiving institutions also essentially were even with last year and made up 31.1% of total ACH volume. The top 10 receiving institutions accounted for 38.9% of total ACH volume.

Top five receivers:

  1. Bank of America
  2. Wells Fargo
  3. JP Morgan Chase
  4. PNC Financial Services Group
  5. US Bancorp

Top five originators:

  1. JP Morgan Chase
  2. Wells Fargo
  3. Bank of America
  4. Citigroup
  5. US Bancorp

A complete listing of NACHA’s top 50 is available on NACHA’s website.


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