ecofinance Launches Two iPhone ITS Functions: Monitor and Report Box

ecofinance Finanzsoftware & Consulting, a international treasury management software provider, has launched its first ecofinance mobile client (EMC) in collaboration with easyMOBIZ. ecofinance customers can now access and use relevant functionalities from the Integrated Treasury System (ITS) via their iPhone.

The iPhone enables customers to call up two ITS functions when on the move: Monitor and Report Inbox.

The traffic light system in ITS Monitor enables users to access information on the current status of the global financial processes, at any time and from any location. User-defined monitor queries are used to continually check the current status of the overall treasury system and the individual financial processes. Workflows, in addition to limits and maturities, can be monitored automatically, similarly to in the local office system.

The ITS Report Inbox displays all the reports for the electronic inbox that is integrated into the system. By touching the screen, users open these PDF files on their iPhones, where they can also directly select, delete or forward the read or unread files. Users can access the app from any location to quickly and securely obtain information on the current financial status of the company, inventory lists, maturity lists, maturity structures, evaluations and simulations, interest calculations or individual reports.

In order to guarantee data security for ITS mobile access, authorisations and security levels are defined beforehand on the local server. A secure and encrypted connection to the ITS is established on the iPhone via a multi-stage log-in and authentication process.

There are plans to launch equivalent applications for other smartphone systems such as Blackberry and Android.


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