Merchant e-Solutions Completes Acquisition and Partnership with Synovus

Merchant e-Solutions (MeS), a California e-commerce payments company, has completed the acquisition of the Columbus Bank and Trust (CB&T) merchant business from Synovus, the Georgia-based financial services holding company. As part of this acquisition, MeS and Synovus have agreed to a 10-year joint marketing agreement to continue providing payment processing services for new Synovus bank merchant customers.

“This transaction continues and expands our 10-year old partnership with Synovus for many years to come and provides MeS and Synovus with significant growth opportunities,” said Sharif Bayyari, MeS chairman and chief executive officer (CEO). “Synovus and its affiliate bank merchant customers will continue to get the superior service and support they deserve and have come to expect from their merchant service provider.”


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