BillingTree Launches Utility Service Provider Suite of Bill Solutions

BillingTree, an on-demand payment processor, has launched a suite of bill presentment and payment (BPP) solutions for companies in the energy and utilities sector. The Utility Suite allows power, cable, gas, telecom, municipalities, and the like to significantly streamline their costly monthly billing and receivables process, achieving considerable reductions in their days sales outstanding (DSO).

Advantages to a single, centralised billing and collections system for utility service providers includes improved customer service and increased satisfaction, providing the consumer more options to pay bills in a highly secure format. In addition, the potential to reduce paper invoicing enables utility providers to avoid passing rising billing costs on to their customers. BillingTree anticipates utilities save 60-90%off current paper, postage, handling and other costs for each household opting into electronic statements with recurring/automated payments.

“Our proven and innovative payment solutions have been further enhanced to offer this dedicated, comprehensive billing and receivables platform specifically engineered for utility providers,” said Scott McCollum, BillingTree’s president. “This new Utility Suite offers utilities significant ROI possibilities including their primary cost reduction opportunity, getting consumers to sign up for and use electronic billing and payments.”


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