Fiserv’s TradeFlow Extends Pre- and Post-FX Automation for CLS

Fiserv has enhanced the foreign exchange (FX) capabilities of TradeFlow, its multi-asset, post-trade processing solution, to reduce the cost and effort of pre- and post-settlement activity for investment managers. The inclusion of additional capabilities for FX settlement via continuous linked settlement (CLS) multi-currency service adds further flexibility for investment managers. With this enhancement, TradeFlow from Fiserv can automatically identify trades eligible for CLS settlement and eliminate the need to work with custodians for exception management.

With stringent criteria to be met before instructing a settlement through CLS, manual identification of eligible FX transactions remains a time and cost-intensive process for investment managers. TradeFlow can now automatically determine the appropriate settlement channel for each transaction based on predetermined criteria such as counterparty preferences and CLS cut-off times. If a transaction is CLS-eligible, TradeFlow identifies netting opportunities, thereby reducing the number of payment instructions and corresponding costs.

“The pre- and post-settlement processes are the last areas of the FX post-trade chain to be automated and still expose participants to inefficiencies and high costs,” said Cheryl Nash, senior vice president of strategic marketing and business development for investment services, Fiserv. “On top of TradeFlow’s existing automated settlement capabilities, Fiserv is removing the time and cost of deciding the best settlement mechanism for each transaction, enabling investment managers to extend operational efficiency further down the transaction chain and get much closer to their straight-through processing goals.”


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