Basware Expands E-invoicing Open Network

Basware, a provider of purchase-to-pay (P2P) solutions, has expanded the global reach of its e-invoicing network to 80 partners. New partners include Ximantix and Digital Invoice Gateway in Germany, Anachron, ClearBizz-Accounting plaza, TNT and Unified Post in the Netherlands, Husera TSP, GlobalEDI, InExchange and Locus in Sweden, as well as Leadtec in Australia.

With these new agreements, Basware extends its network to Australia, so that it is operating across all continents. The open network connects buyers and suppliers by forming interoperability agreements with local and global e-invoicing partners.

The network allows suppliers to take advantage of their existing e-invoicing solution without needing to install proprietary technologies for connecting buyers and suppliers, which is often the case with traditional networks. Basware enables buyers and suppliers to use one single interface to connect with their business partners either directly via Basware or through its e-invoicing network partners.


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