Trustwave Launches Integrated Managed Security Portal

Trustwave, a provider of information security and compliance solutions, has launched a new portal that integrates customer compliance and security solutions into a single dashboard, reducing the cost and complexity of managing technologies deployed across an environment.

Trustwave’s Managed Security Portal (MSP) provides clients with a unified view of their security posture, integrating all of Trustwave’s services, including compliance, managed security and product support. Data from these services is consolidated within the portal to provide customers with a snapshot of their security posture. Searches and reports include information across all of these technologies, throughout a customer’s entire infrastructure.

“By drilling down into the critical data collected in the new MSP, I’m able to deliver key reports to varying stakeholders with ease and timeliness,” said Teri Behrens, director of MIS at Highgate Hotels, an owner and operator of hotels, resorts and other franchise properties in the US, Canada and Europe. “The new interface is delivered as a desktop application through my browser, making orientation and usage very fluid with little training. This is a very powerful tool that will allow me to manage all of the technologies we’ve implemented to secure our organisation.”

Multi-tenancy features of the portal provide customers role-based access, allowing enterprises to distribute management responsibilities. The new portal also offers an innovative visual event explorer, which offers customers powerful data analysis capabilities. Customers can intuitively filter event data from a range of services, classifying searches by date, severity, data source, event type, compliance requirement, and more. Once filtered, customers can see the raw underlying events and export them to a format of their choosing.

Customers also have the capability to save queries and re-run them again in the future. Customers that need to pull a report once a month or on request of an auditor can build as many saved searches as needed, which can later be shared among multiple users from the same client organisation.


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