CoCoNet Launches New CAM for Multiversa Corporate E-banking Software

CoCoNet is creating a new customer administration module (CAM) for the corporate e-banking software Multiversa IFP. The numbers of customers and users on the portal have been rising rapidly in the last years at numerous banks. With this new high sophisticated but simply to use approach for an easier administration, CoCoNet follows the demand of its bank customers to streamline their administrations and significantly save costs for the administration of Multiversa IFP in the future.

Multiversa IFP now makes use of guided processes. This allows untrained persons in bank branches or even the bank customers themselves to administer their corporates, companies, users, permissions and several other required setting in the software in a safe and easy way. Banks can pre-configure their specific demands on the administration in templates. Templates can be created per specific user group: for example, templates for large, mid-size and small corporates allow the bank to define for each group the level of complexity they really need to work on. Administrative processes start from a unified entry screen via guided processes or ‘wizards’. The system extensively presents data that has already been preset via templates.

The new process oriented approach allows the banks to decentralise the administration. The entire workflow is controlled by the bank through a four-eyes principle security even if the customers themselves administer data in the system. The bank applies the rules defining which data entry fields are visible and which processing options the particular customer gets. Therefore, the bank can assign predefined permission profiles to the customer administrator. For example, the bank can determine that in a particular administration setup the bank administrator has to verify the accuracy of the master data including the contract details entered by the customer administrator via customer self-service.

Guided processes or wizards together with far reaching templates present all required administrative actions for banks and customers clearly arranged and in a suitable order. This allows banks with Multiversa IFP to significantly save administration costs by extending the usability for their customers and bank administrators.


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