Tieto Benchmarks Payment Card Solution on IBM Platform

Tieto has completed the performance and feasibility testing of its payment card solution on the IBM Power platform. The tests were conducted to verify the capability of the solution in processing large transaction volumes on the IBM System platform.

The tests demonstrated that the Card Suite can handle 100 million cards, 100,000 active merchants and 25,000 ATMs on a single platform with a performance of up to 2200 transactions per second. The results show that the Tieto Card Suite can be deployed in very high performance environments.

In co-operation with IBM, Tieto engineers ran a series of complete transaction cycle tests on different configurations to verify the high performance on IBM pSeries machines and the AIX operating system platform. The tests show that the Tieto Card Suite and IBM pSeries platform can give issuers, acquirers and processors of payment cards considerably lower costs per transaction than with currently used legacy platforms for card processing.

Maris Ozolins, director of cards at Tieto Financial Services, said: “We are extremely satisfied with the test results and the co-operation and support we received from IBM in this matter. Our goal is now to raise our market share among major western European banks by offering them a highly cost efficient solution for their payment card processes on a stable hardware platform.”


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