PayPal Offers Customers Extra Protection Against Online Fraud

PayPal is encouraging its customers to download a software program called Iconix eMail ID to help confirm the identity of genuine PayPal emails. This will provide extra protection against ‘phishing’.

Phishing emails are sent by fraudsters and wrongly claim to be from financial services companies and other organisations. They often lure consumers into giving away personal information such as account details and passwords that could enable fraudsters to steal their money and identity. According to the latest research from PayPal, over half (58%) of UK internet users are currently at risk of a phishing attack; having admitted to responding to a phishing email or clicking on a link in it.

Iconix software can help protect PayPal’s customers by visually identifying genuine PayPal emails. After a customer installs Iconix eMail ID, they’ll see an icon (a gold lock with a tick) next to a PayPal logo whenever they receive authentic emails from PayPal. The free program works with most of the major email services like Gmail (Google Mail), MSN Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook and Outlook Express.

Garreth Griffith, head of risk and security at PayPal UK, commented: “Staying safe online needn’t be a headache. By taking a few simple steps you can outsmart the fraudsters and protect your money and your identity. PayPal is keen to do everything it can to help consumers and we’re encouraging customers to download the Iconix software to easily confirm genuine PayPal emails. We’re featuring the software on our online security centre, and we’re also emailing details to customers who have contacted us about security issues.”


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