Ritz Interactive Selects Merchant e-Solutions for Payments

Ritz Interactive, a premier internet retailer, has selected payment processing technology from e-commerce payment provider Merchant e-Solutions (MeS).

The MeS platform offers Ritz Interactive the benefit of next-generation e-commerce payment processing and business management solutions without having to integrate into multiple systems. MeS’ simplified application programming interface (API) incorporates all payment authorisation, settlement and real-time online reporting into one interface, making it an easy and cost effective solution for Ritz Interactive’s shared technology infrastructure.

Ritz Interactive will also be using the advantages of MeS’ tokenisation service, which protects sensitive credit card data during transaction processing. Tokenisation provides a secure process to significantly reduce the burden of PCI compliance by eliminating the need to store credit card numbers, thus helping to lower operational costs.

“Efficient and effortless payment is an important element of the online shopping experience and Merchant e-Solutions enables Ritz Interactive to provide shoppers with convenient, secure and streamlined ways to purchase goods,” said Ritz Interactive president and chief executive officer (CEO) Fred Lerner.


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