Thomson Reuters Launches Online Services for Tax Compliance

The tax and accounting business of Thomson Reuters has launched two new online services – Taxcast International and Ask the Expert Webinar – to help businesses stay abreast of the latest sales and use tax and value added tax (VAT) changes.

“Global companies must manage complex and ever changing US sales and use tax laws as well as international laws to stay in compliance. For many, this is not only a daunting, labour intensive required task, but also an area that requires immense expertise due to the dynamic nature of transaction tax law,” said Carla Yrjanson, senior director, Sabrix Tax Services, part of the tax and accounting business of Thomson Reuters. “Taxcast and the Ask the Expert Webinar are just a few of the many value-added services we offer in our transaction tax resource centre to help companies of all sizes understand how tax laws affect their business and help them navigate transaction tax complexity.”

Drawing on the research and analysis of Sabrix Tax Services’ tax experts, including attorneys, certified public accountants (CPAs), accountants and former tax auditors, as well as partners, the company’s new online services provide businesses with access to industry leading SAS 70 certified best practices in tax compliance.

Both Taxcast International and Ask the Expert are available free of charge through the Sabrix resource centre.


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