Oxatis Partners with Moneybookers on Simplified Secure Payments

Oxatis, a European e-commerce solution provider, has partnered with Moneybookers, a large online payment systems company, to provide merchants with a secure way of accepting payments.

Moneybookers offers every Oxatis merchant a simple interface for directly accepting more than 80 different payment options including credit cards, local debit cards and instant bank transfers. Furthermore, Moneybookers allows Oxatis merchants to benefit from its end customer base of more than ten million Moneybookers eWallet customers.

With Oxatis, merchants will be able to easily configure both the Moneybookers direct payment gateway, as well as the Moneybookers eWallet, without a separate technical integration and via just a single interface for all payment options.

Nikolai Riesenkampff, co-chief executive officer (CEO) at Moneybookers, said: “There is a proven correlation between the number of payment options and increased customer conversion rates which allows for higher revenues. State-of-the-art shops offer various preferred payment methods and choose eWallets to benefit from additional marketing opportunities to their customer base. Moneybookers now enables every Oxatis merchant to accept all relevant payment options directly and to integrate the Moneybookers eWallet, and so maximise their revenue.”


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