Integrated Bank Technology and SeerGate Introduce Secured Lock System

Integrated Bank Technology (IBT), a company specialising in an integrated suite of products for financial institutions, will deploy SeerGate’s Secured Lock System, a secure and convenient system for interactive, real-time online banking transactions, to provide an interbank payment and invoicing solution for its growing portfolio of clients.

Secured Lock allows financial institutions to create direct payment and invoicing connectivity among individuals and businesses performing electronic transactions. It is a single deployment platform providing financial institutions with a common user experience to offer complete payment and invoicing connectivity for social network communities, e-marketplaces, small businesses payments collection and direct billing functionality. IBT will deploy Secured Lock to include in its portfolio of outsourced services it provides to over 200 financial institutions across the US and Canada.

“SeerGate creates a win-win situation for both financial institutions and their customers,” said Mike Golebiowski, president of IBT. “SeerGate will enable our financial institutions to expand and re-leverage their brands and customer relationships directly into the e-payment space, while recapturing revenue streams and customer loyalty lost to alternative payment methods. At the same time, individuals and small businesses completing payment transactions through financial institutions using Secured Lock will benefit from a simple, safe and streamlined process that bypasses the current complexity and risk of existing payment systems.”


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