Bank of East Asia’s Enterprise Services Bus Goes Live

Bank of East Asia (BEA) has gone live in Shenzhen with an enterprise services bus (ESB), which will support its entire business in China. The ESB is based on Clear2Pay’s Open Payment Framework technology.

In this first phase of a move towards a Bank Payment Hub, the enterprise bus server has gone live in 4Q09 to mediate between the various channels, such as corporate internet banking and the electronic commercial bill system and back-end systems, covering both the core banking system and four other local currency systems.

A bank spokesperson said: “We have successfully implemented our ESB project with Clear2Pay’s Open Payment Framework technology, which has delivered a satisfactory and stable system which has fully met its initial goals. This is an important step to us as we are embarking on a wider process of upgrading our payments environment into a bank payment hub with all the business and functional benefits such an exercise brings.”


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