Women Predominate in Online Retailing, Finds Survey

According to an analysis by Deutsche Card Services, women played a predominant role in European online retailing. The ‘E-Retail Report 2009’ shows that women initiated 61.35% of all transactions in European online shops.

In comparison, the 2007 report found that men had made 56% of all purchases and women 44%. The 2009 report also shows that online shopping is most popular outside large agglomerations and less so in large cities.

“That women predominate is surprising because men are much more active in overall e-commerce. While women are obviously more cautious about purchasing services or travel-related items on the internet, they are more active in online retailing. This is an important result of our report for merchants who do business in the respective sectors,” said Detlef Henkel, chairman of the management board of Deutsche Card Services, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank.


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