SG-SSB Goes Live with Delta-Bank in Ghana

SG-SSB, a subsidiary of the Société Générale group, has gone live with Delta Informatique’s Delta-Bank. This is the first installation of Delta-Bank in Ghana.

With 38 branches SG-SSB is the fifth largest bank in the country. In 2007 the bank made the decision to replace the existing Indian banking solution acquired five years earlier because it had not lived up to expectations.

This project, named Akoben, began in December 2007 with a framing phase which defined the scope of the project, as well as the existing and targeted functional and technical architectures. The initial phase was followed by the construction and certification phases, which saw several rounds of testing in order to finalise the implementation of the future banking software suite, as well as the necessary interconnections with the various existing sub-systems.

Implementation in the ‘big bang’ mode of Delta-Bank took place at the end of November 2009. Following the success of the latest monthly processing, SG-SSB is now autonomous and able to meet new competitive challenges thanks to the implementation, by its own teams, of new banking products and associated accounting or tariff rules. Moreover, the options – permitting the processing of banking operations and associated products and generating reports according to IAS/IFRS and Basel II rules – have been activated, so SG-SSB is now able to conform to the requirements of the Central Bank of Ghana.


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