GE, Intel, Ford Top New Climate Innovation Indexes on Bloomberg

Professional investors can now see which US companies are best equipped to handle environmental policy changes and produce climate-related innovation, with the launch of three new Maplecroft Climate Innovation Indexes (CIIs) on the Bloomberg Professional service. The CIIs rate 300 of the largest US companies on their climate-related innovation and carbon management programmes against more than 100 criteria, following an initial climate screen applied to all US companies over US$1bn market capitalisation.

The CIIs, calculated by Bloomberg and based upon evaluations by corporate risk intelligence specialist Maplecroft, have identified General Electric, Intel, Ford, FPL Group, Johnson Controls, Praxair, Goldman Sachs, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), UPS and PPG Industries as the top 10 performing stocks.

The CIIs include:

  1. The Maplecroft CII Benchmark – c.300 of the largest US companies screened from c.800 companies.
  2. The Maplecroft CII Leaders – the 100 top performing companies from the Maplecroft CII Benchmark.
  3. The Maplecroft CII US 100 – the 100 largest US companies by free-float market capitalisation.

Climate-related innovation and carbon management are two leading indicators of financial performance. The CIIs identify companies that particularly embed innovation into their operations to generate sustained competitive advantage. This methodology will enable investors to pick winning stocks based on both financial performance and innovativeness towards addressing climate change risks and opportunities.

Jim O’Neill, chief economist at Goldman Sachs, said: “The Maplecroft Climate Innovation Indexes make an important contribution to understanding the fast changing future growth environment worldwide.”


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