Thomson Reuters Delivers Microsecond Access to News in London and Chicago

Thomson Reuters has launched a new service which will provide high frequency traders in London and Chicago the fastest access to market-moving machine readable news content. Thomson Reuters NewsScope Direct offers microsecond delivery of highly structured news and economic data that enables clients to buy and sell financial instruments before the information moves the market.

Housed in Thomson Reuters London and Chicago hosting centres, NewsScope Direct allows clients to easily incorporate news and events into a variety of trading strategies. Customers can connect to the newsfeed from their own data centres or leverage Thomson Reuters proximity hosting solution. This will benefit high frequency trading firms operating in the FX and Futures markets that can move sharply in response to key news and economic data.

Rich Brown, global business manager, machine readable news, Thomson Reuters, said: “Being first to act on this information can dramatically affect a firm’s profit and loss. The launch of NewsScope Direct, the market’s fastest machine readable news service, into London and Chicago reflects our commitment to delivering the market moving information our clients need at the speed required by their high performance trading strategies.”


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