Vasco Makes Digipass for Mobile Available to Windows Mobile Users

Vasco Data Security, a software security company specialising in authentication products, has made Digipass for Mobile available to Windows Mobile users. Both Digipass for Mobile and Digipass for Mobile Enterprise Security Edition support Windows Mobile, facilitating the deployment of authentication using the mobile phone for online banking and use in corporate environments.

Digipass for Mobile is an authentication solution which leverages internet-enabled mobile telephones for authentication purposes. Digipass for Mobile can be used for two-factor authentication and digital signature for m-banking, e-banking and e-commerce. It can also be used for authentication purposes in corporate environments: gaining secure remote access to corporate networks and business applications.

“Mobile phone users are increasingly embracing mobile services. As a result, the mobile platform is becoming more and more attractive to hackers. Traditional internet fraud schemes are moving towards the mobile environment. With Digipass for Mobile, companies offering their services online or mobile site service providers can enhance security of their online service channels through the authentication of their users and by digitally signing transactions. With Digipass for Mobile becoming available to Windows Mobile users, we are convinced that the corporation will increasingly embrace the use of authentication,” said Jan Valcke, president and chief operating officer (COO) at Vasco.


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