Investors Reveal Confidence in the FTSE For 2010

Despite the turmoil of 2009, new research from Barclays Stockbrokers reveals its investors are more confident in their outlook for the FTSE in 2010. A recent poll found almost half of its investors (44%) are bullish for 2010, believing the recent FTSE rally will continue – compared to a third (34%) of the stockbrokers investors in November 2009 – an increase of 29%. Just a fifth (22%) are bearish in their outlook, saying they don’t expect proper market recovery for 2010, whereas two months ago 27% were bearish. The poll also revealed a third of those surveyed (34%) are still undecided in their outlook for this year.

Barbara-Ann King, head of investments at Barclays Stockbrokers, says: “The highs and lows of the FTSE over 2009 clearly did not deter investors showcasing confidence in their outlook and remaining active in their investments. Investors have faced, and still face going into 2010, unprecedented challenges throughout the economic crisis, but many are clearly using this as a chance to take advantage of opportunities

“Over the past two months there has been a notable rise in activity amongst our investors at what is traditionally seen as a ‘seasonal’ period of quiet in the markets. At the turn of the New Year, it was almost ten years ago to the day that the FTSE 100 had been at such a high. Its decade low was 3,287 points in March 2003, a threshold we came close to revisiting at the start of last year. There is evident optimism to remain active going into the New Year.”


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