Fujitsu Frontech and IBM Team Up to Offer Biometric Security Solution

IBM and Fujitsu Frontech North America have launched a new security solution that integrates palm vein biometric technology from Fujitsu with IBM’s enterprise single sign-on solution.

The new offering aims to help companies bypass the hassles of managing multiple passwords for access to critical business information by enabling employees to scan their palms to verify their identities. By integrating the palm vein technology with IBM’s single sign-on software, employees can securely access applications, files and websites with a single scan of their palm – eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords and the threats posed by those lost or stolen.

The solution combines Fujitsu PalmSecure LogonDirector with IBM Tivoli Access Manager for single sign-on, providing organisations with an authentication solution for protecting data while also complying with HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, PCI DDS and other industry and federal regulations.

“A typical organisation spends hundreds of dollars per employee per year on lost passwords through help desk support,” said EK Koh, programme director for single sign-on, IBM Tivoli software. “IBM’s work with Fujitsu replaces archaic password structures with a single path of access that resides in the palms of the employees’ hands, and can be managed more efficiently saving companies thousands of dollars in IT support while protecting critical organisational data and information.”


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